Sep 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

July 8th, 2009

Yesterday was the Michel Jackson memorial. He died June 25th, the day we moved apartments.

The Reverent Al Sharpton summed the whole thing up when he spoke to Jackson’s children. "Your Daddy wasn't strange - what was strange was what he had to deal with around him."

Michael Jackson was a talented genius of phenomenal showmanship ability who brought us an incredible collection of bright, tuneful music and magnificent dance numbers. In his private life he was a gentle eccentric, idealistic man who loved the child in all. Yet, he was greatly misunderstood, ridiculed and mocked by the disenchanted and cynical snobs who fail to see greatness in their midst.

One of his finest gifts was as a humanitarian and he became the greatest philanthropist, giving more money to charities than any one person in history. He made the world a better place for us all.

Yes, being human, he also had major failings. So does everyone. However, he always worked hard and tried new ideas. Creativity never dies within the soul. Had Michael Jackson lived I’m sure we would have been treated to a wealth of future artistic efforts. Probably quite different from his past. And that is what we miss with the death of an artistic giant.

Oh, you tired old cynics who scorn at such a special human being. Leave the great ones to those of us who “know” and we will bask in their starlight without you.